Funding for your

eCommerce Project?

Are you a start-up with great project idea? Or You have already started a project but need funds to expand it? Or you have a great idea but no funds to start?

I optimize your fundraising search according to your specific capital needs.

Financial Advisory

I will study your financing proposals, present your project to investors and mediate in the negotiation process

Strategic Advisory

I will review your business plan and prepare proposals to complete and/or improve it

Investor’s network

My network is composed by  Privates, Business Angels and VC’s


Do you charge any fees for this?
No. I don’t charge anything for reviewing your proposal and sending it to my contacts for funding. However I do take a share but that is only if you get funding through my efforts otherwise you have nothing to loose. 
Will you write proposal and business plan for us as well?
Well I would prefer if you provide that to me and I can then review and suggest you the changes. However, if you don’t have time or expertise to write it then I can help you with that but that will be chargeable.  
How much time it takes to get funding?
It depends on many factors but generally its a process which can take around 3-6 months and less then that if you are lucky enough. 
Do you guarantee funds for my project ?
There is not guarantee as it depends upon your project idea and business plan and investors interest.
How to apply?
Its very simple, just fill up the form below and send it to me. I will then contact you and we shall take this forward. Please note that I will be taking only 4 best proposal a month so be prepared with your stuff when I contact you back so that you don;t miss out. 

Fill up the form below to apply for funding.

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