What is business email id and why do you need it?

Business email id or corporate email id is yourname@yourbusiness.com. You get your own email id along with your business domain name.

Why do you need corporate email id or business email id?

Which web design company would you choose to contact given the following email addresses: nayan@fiveonline.in or khandornayan@gmail.com? I am sure you would pick the first one.  Business email id is more credible than a business using a free email account

Although you may not find a need for it but there is more here than just email. It’s about building credibility and branding. For small and medium companies in today’s competitive world, these small things will stand out from another.

Five Reasons your business should use corporate email id

If you’re still not sure, here are five reasons why you should have a business/corporate  email address for your company:

  • They feel like doing business with you.

A business email shows that your company is established and professional. A generic email may create doubt in your prospect mind on whether you’re a real company or not. But when you use a business email id, they feel safe and serious about doing business with you.  Anyone can create markzuckerberg at gmail dot com (if its available) but you will know its real only if its markzuckerberg at facebook dot com

  • They will pay you more

A generic email address may feel like the business is new, or small, or part time but business email looks more like a “corporate image”. With generic email id your prospect may not pay you as much as you deserve as it does not give them the confidence but with corporate email id you may get compensate fairly.

  • They will trust you

Your prospect may not be comfortable mailing their personal or business information to khandornayan at gmail dot com as there are lot of scams happening online. But when you use business id they feel secured that your business is legitimate.

  • They will love you

Generally its difficult to get name of your choice when using generic email id but with your own business email id you get the name you want, you can also create multiple email address for different segments of your business e.g.,billing@yourcompanyname.com, sales@yourcompanyname.com and look big in your prospect’s eye. It may be you only handling all these ids but ultimately perception matter.

  • They will remember you

Everytime you send email using your business id you are sending your company name along with your email so you are creating your brand and promoting your business and not gmail or hotmail.

So if you thought business email is not for small businesses, rethink. It’s a great marketing tool and value add at very low cost. You’re never too small to start building your brand, Think big and move ahead of your competitors. Start today.

So, what is the best solution for Corporate or business email id

Simple, Google Boss. Google has the best solution for corporate email id called G suite (Previously Google Apps for Business)

What is G Suite and how can I sign up for G suite in India

G suite can help you get corporate or business email id. It has 3 plans but best plan for small business is one with 30GB storage per email id. It should suffice your requirement and you can upgrade anytime.

Some excellent benefits of using G Suite

  • You get your corporate or business email id
  • Interface is same as gmail so its user friendly as compare to webmail or outlook
  • You get drive, docs and other gmail features
  • They give 14 days free trial
  • Its pay as you go plan so you can scale your business any time

How much does it cost

G suite has 3 plans and best one for small business is basic plan which cost just Rs.150 per user per year or Rs.1,500 per user per year if paid annually. (Taxes extra)

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